Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Adorable Feet

While your feet might be out of sight most of the time, when people can see them you want them to be beautiful. As you age, there are moisture problems all over your skin and your feet are no exception. With proper care you can get your feet looking younger and cuter than ever before. This means you can wear cute shoes and you never have to be scared of strappy sandals to go with your cute mini skirts.

1.      Regular Workouts
Many people don’t think about it, but stronger legs and a healthy body weight have lots do to with whether or not your feet are in good shape. If you are overweight your feet take a beating. They get pounded and tend to develop pressure points that can become cracks and even infections. Taking the time to workout will help strengthen your feet and give them a nice shape. At the same time you will be giving your legs a great shape leading down to your feet.

2.      Thin Legs
You don’t need your legs to be too thin, but the better your calves form into your feet, the better the look of your fancy shoes and your overall shape will be. It is fairly easy to see what you need to do in order to get the size ration right. Quite often the size of your feet dictate what your legs should look like overall. Doing yoga or other stretching exercises will help to strengthen your feet and your legs and elongate the muscles.

3.      Remove Unwanted Hair
As you age you tend to start growing hair in additional places including on your feet. This can mean your toes or the center of your foot. You should wax off such spots as to avoid embarrassment. It is simple to do and doesn’t take much time. It gives your feet a nice smooth look without making the hair follicles larger. Shaving tends to cause an uglier look to the feet.

4.      Massages
Foot and leg massages tend to help the muscles rejuvenate and release any bad chemicals. After a massage you should drink lots of water to help get all the toxins you release out of your system. This gives you muscles the ability to build properly and not be hindered by the bad stuff in your system. Eating right after a massage will give your muscles the building blocks they need to shape up and make your legs and feet look awesome.

5.      Foot Bath
 This is the way to get your feet in the best condition. It not only cleans your feet but loosens up your calluses so they can be scrubbed away. In many ways a foot bath is like a time machine for your feet. You can scrub away the bad history and start all over again making your feet look beautiful. You will want your feet in the water for at least 30 minutes.

6.      Moisturizer
Finally, keep your feet well moisturized. This means putting lotion on every night before you go to bed and then putting socks on. This locks in the moisture and helps to heal any ailing parts of your feet. You will wake up and you feet will feel smooth and rested as well.


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